Epic Boss Fighter 2

Epic Boss Fighter 2

Stay calm because the new update of Epic Boss Fighter, called Epic Boss Fighter 2, has been launched for playing. You will be inspired as this latest episode contains more epic bosses and more challenges. It is time to become a fighter who becomes one part of the struggle against the ugly enemy army! Here we go!

The game is listed as the bullet hell shooter genre, remember! That’s why your main job is to get through all the battlefields as an excellent fighter. Please avoid any bullets and pick up any coins while beating up all 20 massive monsters and bosses in every epic stage. There is nothing greater than equipping the home troop with droids, accessories, fighting suits, and others. Did you know that the opponents are stronger and stronger over time?

Try best to gain a resounding victory in Epic Boss Fighter 2. Let us see your true talent!

How to play

The left mouse is held to deal with the game.


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