Family Rush

Family Rush

Family Rush can make you have the fidgets by its sad story. A poor village is now being surrounded by lots of man-eating monsters. The worst thing is that they have just kidnapped a baby. How terrible! His family hurries to chase these horrible critters to save him. They are very in need of your assistance, please!

The first job is to control his dad to move forwards and activate the gun when he sees the monsters. That means he should use this weapon to shoot at these foes to death. Because they may move on the ground or even fly in the air, you should exactly aim the gun, please! The most important task is to guide him to the enemy bastion to rescue his beloved son. After you gain a requested number of achievements, his mother and his grandparents are also unlocked. Continue the journey by taking control over one of these new characters.

Got it! Hope that you feel satisfied with the content of Family Rush!

How to play

The left mouse: Enjoy everything terrific in the game.


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