Fatal Fighters

Fatal Fighters

Don’t find interested from dress up games? Well, it’s time to change! Let Fatal Fighters inspire you for surprise! A puzzle-based battle system is now in front of you. Get ready for the upcoming combat? Here we are!

The puzzle game requires its players to group 3 or more identical blocks in a tactical way so that the fighting ability of the main character will be fortified. This is really necessary for the combat against the enemies. In each round, you should plan a smart strategy to attack the targets to death. There is no need to worry! The possible strategies are shown after a few certain groups. Remember that the ugly opponent also has a specific amount of power. That’s why you need to be cautious while forming any excellent strategy to get all the glory.

So, what do you feel, guys? The content of Fatal Fighters is not easy to beat up, right? But, we hope that you are confident of your skill!

How to play

Control the whole game by the mouse only.


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