What do you think about crafting and fighting? If you feel a little excited, spend time on visiting FightingCraft right now. What you must do today is all clearly shown from its name! Orderly follow our tutorials below for more information!

A craftsman is going to push sticks for the purpose of repairing his old house. However, he gets stuck about where to see these sources. That’s why you’re here to guide him to the right or left directions so that he can find what he needs and record the higher scores. Regardless of whether he hits the tree branches or the timeout has expired, the chance is that the game ends. Additionally, the final score can also be ranked with the list of those who’ve played the game at the same time. If you want to play with the new craftsman, there’s nothing fresher than using the scores to be in exchange of any character of your favorite.

Keep playing FightingCraft to unearth something incredible and interesting. Good luck!

How to play

The mouse: Control everything.


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