Fire And Ice Elves

Fire And Ice ElvesLet’s participate in an exciting adventure of both cute elves in Fire And Ice Elves! Take a chance to test your ability or find a large treasure or do anything, so what are you looking for from it? Don’t spend too much time on thinking! Go with us and uncover now! First of all, players need to show their best capacity in controlling both of the elves to move at the same time. Feel challenging, right? Then start availing prescribed buttons to direct the elves to come to each exit door to complete each stage well. Whenever performing, beware of some difficulties as place-have-fire, river, etc. and try to use the right elf to carry out. In addition, don’t forget to control both to collect as many diamonds as possible. Bear in mind not let any elf fall into any trouble to avoid suffering a defeat. Be prepared carefully? Play and prove yourself now!


Press WASD and arrow keys to guide both of elves.


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