FlightJane wants to meet her mom in the Christmas Day, so she made up her mind to write a letter to Santa Clause. Then, she threw it towards the sky and wished for a miraculous thing. What happened to her letter? Does everything happen smoothly? Please access Flight and see the final result! One interesting thing is that players will support Jane to control her letter. Take the mouse to pick up and throw the letter. Keep in mind that it needs to reach a prescribed distance to complete the main task. In addition, whenever guiding the letter, try to snatch a couple of bonuses as Windmills (take an urgent boost), Stars (enhance the cash), Cranes (multiple the cash), and so forth. After completing each fight, please enter the Shop and buy some essential upgrades such as lightweight, fire energies, better model, etc. Furthermore, don’t miss completing the Achievement to receive more terrific supports. Relax with this cool game!

How to play

The game is controlled by the mouse.


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