Floppy Craft

Floppy Craft

Floppy Craft is known as another installment of Flappy Bird in which players all have a chance to experience an alluring adventure with Steve. To understand more how to play the game, just orderly follow us! Go now!

The main point here is that rule’s game is absolutely similar to what is mentioned in Flappy Bird. In detail, it is a must to support the craftsman in flying through narrow gaps that are made by many pillars. While flying, always keep your clicks constant and moderate. You are a loser if the main character collides with any pillar or he is not kept in the air any longer. Be alert and careful to gain the high scores!

No matter what mode you want to enjoy (Easy and Hard modes), don’t mind showing us your scores after playing Floppy Craft with confidence!

How to play

Click the left mouse to get Floppy Craft started.


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