Formula Racer

Formula Racer

In circuits with hundreds of enemies, just show that you are the most skilled pilot by overcoming them all and getting the first position. That is what you should do after entering Formula Racer!

See! Today, you will be invited to a car racing against other opponents. Simply jump in the car and control it stunningly! The most important thing is to catch up the enemy vehicles in the soonest time with no crashing into any obstacle ahead. Otherwise, your car will be broken into pieces and the game stops at the same time! While the Nitro bar is full, consider activating it to speed up your vehicle. After gathering a certain amount of loot, you need to go to the Shop and upgrade something for your car, such as the handling, the engine, the boost, and so on!

A new car is yours if you win the top 3. Try best as well as good luck to you during Formula Racer!

How to play

The car is controlled by the WASD or arrow keys.
The Nitro Booster is boosted by the Spacebar key.


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