Frozen Islands

Frozen Islands

The name “Frozen Islands” just helps you understand a little about its story! An island is now under siege of an angry ice giant. Villagers here are calling for your help. Don’t leave them hopeless. Enter the game and let them see how brave you are, all guys!

It is easy to realize that all villagers in the island are being frozen. What you role-play today is to become an excellent guide of Viking warriors. Simply hit small panels in the ship as well as move them to the island. Your warriors will automatically fight against the incoming enemies. Other extra activities you should do include upgrading the home team and collecting superb items scattered on the island. Make sure to beat up the ice giant. It is also a final goal. Let’s go!

Spend time enjoying Frozen Islands and becoming a hero, dear players! How wonderful it is!

How to play

The left mouse is simply held to enjoy Frozen Islands.


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