Gemcraft Labyrinth

Gemcraft LabyrinthA bad witch called upon a dangerous eclipse on Labyrinth kingdom in order to recall evil forces from Hell. He wanted to take magical orbs to carry out his bad aim! Look! There are a huge number of monsters arriving at Labyrinth from many directions. Be swift to enter Gemcraft Labyrinth and stop them, guys! Be swift to focus on the screen and determine where the monsters come. Then turn back to a magical board where players might craft powerful gems to attack the monsters. Tap on each available items, choose the appropriate gems, and place them on towers along the road. In addition, don’t forget to create big walls, place traps, use Specials, etc. in order to prevent and defeat the monsters’ attacks. Additionally, try to fulfill a Mana bar because it’s quite useful in wiping all of the monsters for a while. Time to protect your possession! Good luck!

How to play

The main key to interact with the game is the mouse.


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