GrindCraft contains a lot of gripping elements that can blow your socks off at the first time! Enter the playing field to discover that make players fall in love with the game now!

There are several major tasks for players to fulfill before resoundingly conquering the game. Actually, Steve needs something useful (weapons, items, and tools) to deploy his construction project. How to lend him a hand? As its name says all, grinding and crafting are what you must take into account. First of all, click on the “Grind column” to compile essential materials, and let them all be stored in the Inventory. Then, apply such the collected resources to craft everything you’re in need of from the “Craft side.” Continue playing to unlock more raw materials! Follow all of the in-game instructions to complete the duties well.

Happy grinding and crafting in GrindCraft!

How to play

The mouse is mainly availed to deal with the game’s mission.


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