Gum Drop Hop 3

Gum Drop Hop 3Why don’t you try to enjoy another interesting adventure of a special creature in Gum Drop Hop 3, all game addicts? It’s certain that you can discover lots of new and unique things that you’ve never seen before. Be ready to join in with us? Here we are! In this game, players’ main task is to instruct the creature to explore a new island. Keep in mind that this island is not totally safe because there are lots of dangerous barriers and monsters. That’s why the players need to express their best skill to support the creature to overtake all well to avoid losing his life. Besides, don’t forget to collect as many terrific items as possible such as hearts, candies, ice creams, and so forth to enhance the score after completing. No time to wait! Hit Start key and relish yourself!

How to play

Tap arrow keys to guide the creature.


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