Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2

Have ever enjoyed the first version of Gun Mayhem? Today, you’re invited to play its innovation, which is expected to be more interesting than ever. And Gun Mayhem 2 is what I want to mention now. Skip the general view and unearth its ideas now! With no doubt, this brand-new update will astonish you. Let’s go!

At present, the chief objective is to steer a gun man – the character – through all difficult levels that are especially designed as fierce arenas. In every arena, helping him beat up all the hazardous rivals is of great importance. Skillfully and alertly use the dynamites and gun to make a big explosion on these ugly targets. To avoid any shots from them, the best way is to view all directions carefully. You lose when the protagonist tumbles out of all platforms in the arena, remember!

Happy time with Gun Mayhem 2! Good luck!

How to play

Walk: The arrow keys.
Shoot: The Z key.
Throw grenades: The X key.


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