Gun Mayhem

Gun MayhemGun Mayhem is an addictive shooting game, and it attracts lots of gamers. Are you good at shooting targets? Let’s express your own ability through completing all of the levels here, guys! At the moment, players will face up to some sharpshooters, and they have to knock them out to get the best title of shooting. Pick up the gun and bombs and then land on the main screen to start. Be quick and alert to control a given character to move, fly, jump, shoot, and throw bombs in order to defeat opponents. Keep in mind to dodge over their counter-attack carefully to preserve the life well. Additionally, when fighting, please grab falling boxes to receive awesome supports such as weapons, assistances, etc. Overtake 9 levels and confront the 2 biggest bosses, feel assured of yourself? Come and prove it now!

How to play

Tap arrow keys to direct the character.
Press [ and ] to shoot and throw bombs.


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