Headless Zombie 2

Headless Zombie 2

Headless Zombie 2 tells about Carl, who became the target of a magician. On a specific event, the magician cast spells on him; and after a few second, he is turned into a zombie. Feeling shocked to death, he determined to become a human again by hook or by crook! Help him, please!

At present, he gets through a maze where the magician is living so as to search out the way to break the spell. As his supporter, you must help him overcome all the rooms as it is the only way to become the winner. In detail, try to guide him around every room, open all the doors, grab the gold flowers, and reach the exit door. As he is endowed with an ability to throw the head from the neck, don’t forget to take advantage of this feature to solve all the hard puzzles along the road.

We trust that you will have an enjoyable time during Headless Zombie 2! Here we come!

How to play

Go around with the arrow or ASDW keys are.
Throw the head with the spacebar.


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