Hero Simulator

Hero Simulator

The Great Hero, namely Cedric, has been entrusted with the task of protecting his land over 300 years. But, at present, he is too old and weak to take up this role. That’s why his son, called Folcard, must undertake the great mission! Nimbly set foot on Hero Simulator to give the boy a hand because he is so young that he cannot get much experience. Let’s go!

He needs a lot of heroes like you to defend the land. Thus, the most essential job is to make profits. How? Feel free to release your hard taps on the offered buttons, such as Ore Mining, Hunting Bandits, Ingredients Harvesting, and Houseware Crafting. Then, the budget is automatically filled with money. Further, other buttons are also unlocked after you attain a remarkable number of funds and achievements. Upgrade or equip the chosen heroes with possible skills!

As an idle clicker game, Hero Simulator wants its gamers to build up the most powerful and robust warriors. Make upgrades, collect gold, and level your heroes up. Much fun!

How to play

Control the game with the mouse solely.


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