Idle Slime Miner

Idle Slime Miner

What to expect from the stimulating playfield of Idle Slime Miner? During this Idle Game, it is very important to assist a critter in fulfilling many different tasks as he cannot deal with them all on his own. Let’s go!

Wow, that is a green creature! And he is now in a dark cave. Look! He’s trying best to mine rock & other precious minerals with the aim of unearthing other sparkling sources. The more gems he assembles, the much fund he may get in return! How terrific the job is! With a given pickaxe, you must help the main character click on the available rock non-stop. During the mining process, don’t forget to make deals on other useful upgrades to have his mining speed well enhanced. Tap the materials in the time limit to gain the high value of money!

Whether you can become the rich person across the globe or not, let Idle Slime Miner help you find the final answer! Enjoy!

How to play

Use the mouse to get the game started.


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