Infinite Spreadsheets

Infinite Spreadsheets

Infinite Spreadsheets does make your opinion about Idle Clicker Games changed right after you give it a try! What does it mean? Just have your own experience right away! Let’s go!

Hey, it is time to become a boss who runs a large company! The ultimate target is to make the company more developing and profitable all on your own. First of al, the earned money should be spent on hiring a few interns. Those interns are trusted to help you carry out everything in a nimble and automatic speed. Along the way, don’t forget to make deals on effective upgrades to increase the productivity and the mining ability of these interns. Wish to get bonus? Then, you should consider unlocking more and more new achievements!

The feeling of becoming a leader does help you hone skill and gain a lot of valuable experiences, right? That’s why you never overlook Infinite Spreadsheets!

How to play

The mouse: Deal with the in-game jobs.


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