Iron Knight

Iron Knight

Iron Knight is an ideal destination for all boys to prove themselves to the world. Today, they are invited to role-play a brave knight who fights for justice. A lot of breathtaking traits are waiting to be discovered. Let’s get started!

The TD-combined shooting game requires you all to help a courage knight to crush down every invader ahead to death. Of course, it is not an easy task. First of all, guide him around and fix the castle. Second, consider looking for any useful items by going to the forest. After he collects a considerable number of sources, let him come back to rebuild the entrance doors. What for? Such the doors are necessary to avoid the destruction of enemies. Once spotting sign of the opponents, players must bring him to a safe place where he can use gun to shoot at them. Don’t let them enter his shelter successfully; otherwise, the main character is indeed in danger.

Wow, how great! Though conquering Iron Knight can be hard for the newbies, try your best and good luck!

How to play

The arrow keys are for going around.
The E key is for choosing the items.
The left mouse is for shooting.


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