Jet Miner

Jet Miner

Alright, Minecraft fellows! Do you want to go to a forest and mine something valuable with us? Let’s set foot to an interesting mining game – Jet Miner. The 3D graphics will surely blow your mind away. Come on!

Can’t wait any longer, right? Be fully-prepared? Grab your cool pickaxe and start the search journey now! Well, Minecraft is known as the richest world, so it’s obvious that you can find gems here easily. However, they are hidden deeply under the ground! It’s time to utilize the pickaxe and begin mining. Wow, this place is huge! How can you collect all 40 gems? Be patient and keep breaking each block to look for them one by one. Each precious stone is worth 200 points, keep in mind! The more gems players gather, the more points you can add to the total score. Don’t think too much! Take your time to mine treasures to set the greatest score, guys.

Got it? Play Jet Miner now, and we hope you have an amazing journey!

How to play

WASD: Move.
Spacebar: Jump.
The mouse: Mine blocks.


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