Keeper of the Grove 2

Keeper of the Grove 2

A group of fairies is calling for your assistance in Keeper of the Grove 2 once again. Hordes of gruesome monsters have come back to the fairy land. At present, they are more ambitious and rapacious than ever. Let’s go!

See a number of sparkling gems at the end of the path? What every joiner must fulfill is to summon the magical fairies on the strategic spots so as to prevent the monsters from stealing these gems. The limited number of money should be spent on buying and placing units along the path. The more enemies are killed during the combat, the much more money you get in return. Use it to cast spells and eradicate any creature that tries to get over your defensive system, dear guys!

That is all! Hope that you will be successful and lucky in Keeper of the Grove 2!

How to play

The mouse is used to set up the units.


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