Kill The Creeper

Kill The Creeper

Take your spare time to partake in Kill The Creeper and then wipe out many creepers now! What’s wrong? Come here for more info!

The deadly creepers finally found a way to approach the Minecraft place. Unfortunately, it will never leave this land by hook or by crook. Thus, players are entrusted with a task of breaking the blocks to let these creepers fall into the Lava. Attempt to break such the blocks in the proper way to finish each round. If not, you will need to come back to the starting point. Don’t mind the unintended blocks, since they have no benefit to let this critter drop down.

Anyway, Kill The Creeper contains a different number of stages (including 10 levels per stage). As a result, you have to complete all of the 10 rounds to unlock a new stage. Of course, the higher level you encounter, the more difficult tasks you shall confront. Enjoy!

How to play

The mouse is used to break the blocks.


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