Killers on Blocks

Killers on Blocks

Want to express your brilliant shooting skill? Well, Killers on Blocks might be the best choice for you at this moment. Get ready to accept the mission in this game? Here we come!

Land on Minecraft world, the players will become Steve’s loyal companion and help him defeat the hidden dangerous creepers in the forest. Now, be careful to walk around this dark place to look for the enemies’ sign. Once seeing them, hurry to shoot them right away before they attack you. Players must be cautious when moving as the creepers like to hide in some giant trees and jump out to scare people. Don’t miss using the radar on the top to determine the enemies’ position. Avoid causing any problems to keep the character safe.

A quick reaction, accurate aiming ability and brilliant shooting skill, and high observation are 3 requirements you must have when participating in Killers on Blocks . Hope you do everything well!

How to play

Move and jump: WASD/arrow keys and spacebar.
Aim and shoot: the left mouse.


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