Knightmare Tower

Knightmare TowerA dangerous monster came to a castle and caught 10 beautiful princesses. A King felt sad, and he called for a support. Being a talented knight, please take up this task by entering Knightmare Tower, all guys. Time to act! The main task is to guide the knight to the top of the monster’s tower. Let’s use the big cannon and shoot him to go straight up. Whenever flying, be swift to instruct him to use a sharp knife to kill some monsters or jump on it to continue moving. Try to defeat as many monsters in each stage as possible to add more valuable coins in the budget. Thanks to these coins, the players could purchase a few essential items in the Shop. Don’t forget to complete a list of tasks in Quests in order to prove your excellent skill in guiding the knight. Play and wish you receive more joyful time!

How to play

Tap the down arrow key to shoot.
Tap the mouse to use the sword.


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