Kram Keep

Kram Keep

One way to tickle your interest and vitality is to challenge yourself in an adventure and puzzle game, called Kram Keep! It tells about Tim and his friend Doldol who get lost in a dark and scary cave! Try best to get them out of here as soon as possible!

Legend has it that the cave is where Lord Dracula resides. And Doldol is being abducted and imprisoned here! That’s why Tim is now on the way to rescue him. Your main aim is to guide the main character to moving, jumping over and staying away from any obstacles ahead. Along the adventure, consider collecting other items scattered anywhere which may turn to your assistance. Grab hearts to recover your lost health if needed. You are just provided with four lives to do everything in the game.

Try best and good luck to you! Hope that both Tim and his friends are safe under your help in Kram Keep!

How to play

Go walking with arrow keys.
Jump and shoot with X and C keys.
Zoom with Shift key.


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