Last Town

Last Town

Hey, follow us to the play field of Last Town! What interesting things are included here? No, we want to tell you’re an uncomfortable story. It’s about a beautiful town that is under curse by two ugly witches. The curse causes many monsters flocking to the place and eliminating everything. Fight against them now, dear all players!

Tactically place farmers, villagers, assassins, and other towers along the given path to prevent them from reaching the town’s entrance. The success in such the fights allows you to collect a big amount of cash. Well, it’s better to use the cash to buy upgrades and power-ups for the defense system. Ah, you also should not let conquers fulfill their ugly intention.

Spend some time on enjoying the amazing content of Last Town right now! Good luck to you!

How to play

It is a must to use the mouse to play the game.


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