Loot Heroes 2

Loot Heroes 2

The Darkness Lord has just requested you to fulfill a dangerous mission: That is to defeat all 10 rebel Lords of Hell that deeply lurk in the bowels of purgatory. Just enter Loot Heroes 2 – a mixture of action-oriented RPG and singular graphic style to do the job! The game prominently features no less than 20 heroes for you to unlock. Of course, each owns their unique skill. Players also have permission to swap such the characters to best make use of their particular abilities. Come on!

First, consider choosing one among a number of heroes. Then, feel free to unlock new ones and solve all the quests in the new adventure. With just a few mouse clicks, our hero is also directed where to step, which way his weapon should follow, and what loot to gather to become the rich heroes over times. Besides, nothing is greater than finding new equipment and refusing no quest to unearth each secret of the chambers & slaughter more monsters.

Try best to get all the glory in Loot Heroes 2!

How to play

The Z key: Recover health.
The mouse: Interact.
The X key: Mana.


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