MadBurger 3

MadBurger 3

How do Cowboys live in Wild West? What are their main jobs? All your wonders can be satisfied by entering MadBurger 3 right now! There is no time to hesitate anymore, guys!

Cowboys tend to make a lot of delicious and tasty hamburgers in Wild West saloon. If possible, you have permission to cook your own burger. How? Just grill meat and then add mustard & pepper for more flavors. What you must do next is to deliver this special burger to the pointed guests. For instance, you are firstly asked to toss up the burger in the air, and let it fly towards Sheriff’s position. The higher it reaches, the more XP points and gold coins you’ll gain. Spend the earned money on advanced ingredients or boosters to improve the burger’s flying skills. The game stops if you throw food into the hungry cowboys!

How interesting MadBurger 3 is! Try to make profits and have fun!

How to play

The mouse is used to throw up burgers.


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