Match Craft

Match Craft

Hey, are you ready to let your brain work throughout Match Craft? The game simply asks its joiner to make a combo of the identical 3D Minecraft Voxel blocks so that a chain will be created and removed! Let’s go!

Display your skills at matching the combinations of at 3 or more similar bricks during all of the 100 hand-crafted levels. There is no doubt that the longer the connection is, the better your score is! Simply let the chain be got rid of the playfield! Because the game is beautified with a very recognizable Minecraft theme, it is a perfect zone for its fans to show off their abilities! Besides, consider mining for treasure chests as well as freeing all the Minecraft voxels, which have been chained down!

Don’t forget to pop all of the Voxel blocks in this engaging and well-made Minecraft game, namely Match Craft. Dozens of challenging levels and layouts are available to accomplish! Enjoy!

How to play

Play the game by only the left mouse.


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