Midnight Miner

Midnight Miner

Accompany us to the imposing game, called Midnight Miner. A lot of challenges are waiting for your action, such as drilling, digging and mining your own way through the depth of the ground so that all sorts of treasures are uncovered. Let’s go!

You’re now role-playing a Midnight Miner, remember! And you look for the treasure hidden the deep underground. How? Do whatever you can to get through and dig the treasure. Follow our instructions mentioned above, please! The miner is tasked with digging, drilling and performing other things to unearth the treasure in the dead of the night! Along the way, it is not a bad idea to accumulate gems, gold, and other precious resources as many as possible! Then, spend money on some fancy upgrades for your mining machine.

Go it? We believe that you can win the content of Midnight Miner with confidence and ease! Happy time!

How to play

Navigate your mining machine by the left & right arrow keys or the A & D keys.


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