MindShafted TD

MindShafted TD

Have ever heard about MindShafted TD? The game is prominently featuring several smaller YouTube personalities just as characters. However, the task is expected to be exceedingly exciting to fulfill! Here we are!

Get ready to build the towers – the ultimate job at present? If so, let’s consult our tutorials! Players are able to set up Feverie tower with just $25, Splegg tower with just $40, and Dwittyy tower with just $100. Why should construct these towers? Actually, they can help to defend your territory from a swarm of enemies that begin attacking as waves. If this does happen, your defensive system automatically shoots such the rivals to death. Along the way, don’t forget to earn as many coins as possible!

Got it? Just have your own experience with MindShafted TD and you are addicted.

How to play

The mouse or the keyboard shortcuts are pressed to select or place towers.
Left click on the ready button to embark on a new wave.


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