Mine Blade

Mine Blade

What to expect from Mine Blade? Is there anything stimulating and fascinating in this strategy Minecraft game? Don’t just guess; instead, please spend time in uncovering its beauty at once now, dear guys! You’ll be dazzled to hear that the game’s key purpose is to sharpen your shooting skill; thus, don’t miss it, or you’ll regret!

What players must do is to use the offered tool to destroy all items, which are flying in the air. When one item is slowly bounced up from the bottom, don’t hesitate to chop it in order that it can be split into different pieces. At the same time, the scores will also be added to the income. I just want to tell that you’ll lose one life if forgetting to chop one item. The game will stop right after players lose all 3 lives, remember!

The attraction of Mine Blade is so hot that many Minecraft lovers cannot leave their eyes out of it! Let the game get started here!

How to play

The left mouse is mainly applied to enjoy the game.


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