Mine Blocks 1.23

Mine Blocks 1.23Have you ever thought of possessing a vast land with beautiful landscapes? If not, don’t hesitate to enter Mine Blocks 1.23 to make your dream come true. Let’s go, guys! When stepping into Minecraft world, the players should be quick to look for an ideal location to construct your structure. After making decision, please use an available pickaxe to mine raw materials (coal, sand, rock, wood, stone dust, sapling, iron and gold ore, and more). Then, move to the Inventory in order to craft some necessary items based on the existing recipes. Be aware of the creepy creatures as they’ll approach your building and destroy your achievements. That’s why players should make weapons, a suit of diamond armor, and food to kill them. In this version, you are allowed to construct a large farm, and then, you can plant and harvest carrots, potatoes, etc. Sounds awesome, huh? What are you waiting for? Go there now and discover this amazing Minecraft game!

How to play

Guide the character: arrow/WASD keys.
Mine blocks: hold the mouse.
Place blocks: the mouse + Shift.


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