Mine Blocks 1.24

Mine Blocks 1.24Sure you’re a Minecraft lover, right? If yes, you definitely have played Mine Blocks 1.24 before, huh? Don’t waste time any longer! Travel there with us to experience more about this 2D Minecraft themed game.

Coming there, players need to support Steve to construct his first structure. The initial things you have to deal with is to walk around high hills and gather some useful materials, such as wood, sand, rocks, bricks, cacti, bamboos, apples, etc. Then, store them in the Inventory, and don’t forget to craft tools serving for the building process. After that, look around to find a suitable location. Now, it’s time to set up your own structure. Please let your imagination go wild, players! Try to create any project like castles, palaces, gardens, farms, and others.

Go to Mine Blocks 1.24 now to turn Minecraft land into something marvelous. We’ll wait to see your final achievement!

How to play

Move: ASDW/arrow keys.
Mine: left mouse.
Place blocks: left mouse and Shift.


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