Mine Blocks 1.25

Mine Blocks 1.25

If you wish to do something remarkable & unforgettable by building luxury constructions, Mine Blocks 1.25 is truly designed for you. Spend much time in carrying out your imaginative & dreamy projects by entering the new game of Zanzlanz, all players!

Building is said to be the most fundamental & charming activity in that game. In order to build a splendid structure, gamers need to begin by searching for materials, and then patiently place them in the certain frame. See! Materials are surrounding this Minecraft guy, right? Thus, try to lead him towards different corners of the game map to gather these building items. After panels of the Inventory have consisted of what you are expecting, don’t hesitate to move into the building process. Plus, remember to make useful tools like torches, spatulas, hammers, and more.

Attempt to build stunning constructions in Mine Blocks 1.25 , dear Minecraft addicts! Have a great time!

How to play

Use the ASDW/arrow keys to walk.
Combine the Shift key & the left mouse to construct.
Use the mouse to mine blocks.


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