Mine Blocks 1.26.2

Mine Blocks 1.26.2

Have spare time? Be swift to jump into Minecraft world via Mine Blocks 1.26.2! Do you think this new version meets your expectation? Land on this place and see how it’s going to be!

In this game, the most significant thing that the players need to perform is to complete the requests in a Task List perfectly. Don’t feel worried, guys! All the jobs here are not hard to do i.e. mine blocks, place blocks, craft items in an Inventory, etc. Now, just spend a bit of time accomplishing all objectives well. After that, players are able to design their dreamland without facing any obstacles. Importantly, crafting process (tools and weapons) is quite difficult as it requires the exactness to enhance the constructing work as well as keeping their achievements away from the greedy enemies.

Be fully-prepared? Travel to Mine Blocks 1.26.2 to have funny times here!

How to play

Walk: WASD or arrow keys.
Break blocks: the mouse.
Place blocks: Shift + the mouse.
Open the Task List: T key.


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