Mine Blocks 1.26.4

Mine Blocks 1.26.4

Mine Blocks 1.26.4 becomes the most terrific gift for those who’re fond of showing their creativeness and imagination.

Coming here, your job is to fulfill a list of requirements offered by the game through checking Achievement section. Mining & placing blocks, crafting tools, growing trees, slaying animals, and more are all basic tasks. Furthermore, don’t forget to find a flat & large spot to build anything you like, such as farms, castles, houses, etc. Simply place the available blocks on the ground carefully and orderly, everything will become easier and simpler than ever. Ah, remember to craft effective weapons and tools to improve the building.

Get ready to complete all of the requests in Mine Blocks 1.26.4, dear players? Land on here to carry out them instantly!

How to play

The arrow keys or WASD keys are availed to roam around.
Combine the left mouse and Shift key to place blocks.
Hold the mouse to mine.
Use T key to open the list.


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