Mine Clone minecraft

Mine Clone minecraft

Please travel to Mine Clone minecraft – the initial edition of Minecraft creative game under 3D format! Feel eager to discover this wonderful land? Let’s get started!

In this new game, players just perform an ultimate target; that is, construct several massive buildings to make this existing land become amazing and marvelous. Don’t forget to take advantage of using available blocks in the Inventory such as soil, stone, brick, flowers, ladder, etc. Then, place them on the ground in an orderly and logical way. It’s a must to draw a detailed plan to follow the process with ease. What do the players want to build? You can choose to own a large castle, a small house, or a nice garden with full of cute animals. Of course, everything depends on your creativeness and imagination.

Let’s set foot to Mine Clone minecraft and demonstrate your brilliant ability right now!

How to play

Move around: WASD or arrow keys.
Jump: spacebar.
Open the Inventory: E.
Deal with the blocks: the mouse.


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