MINE reloaded

MINE reloaded

What to expect from MINE reloaded – a terrific idle-click game? To uncover the secret, please access the playfield immediately!

Most of us want to become the richest people over the world, right? If we cannot make the dream come true in reality, let’s the mining game please our satisfaction! At that time, players must do a job of mining a cave full of minerals and coins. Just like other idle-click editions, it is a need to click on everywhere to earn money. Then, add it to the budget. Using the “Automatic mode” is also encouraged! Why? Coolly, the game will fulfill the task automatically without your observation. How wonderful it is! Also, please make deals on upgrades and recruit miners to hone your mining skill.

Have a good moment during MINE reloaded!

How to play

Make use of the mouse to perform your main work.


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