Mine Runner 1

Mine Runner 1

Another Minecraft game that can check your basic skill; that’s, Mine Runner 1 – a cool running game. Want to take part in a marathon? Tap Start and enjoy your day, all game-addicts!

The story in here is about a young Minecraft man who is practicing for the national running competition. He decided to set foot to a deserted place and start running day by day. However, there’re many obstructions on this road than he expects, such as creepers, zombies, water, lava, gaps, rocks, fences, holes, and more. The players have to use their skills to support Steve to accomplish a practicing day, or he can’t achieve the victory in the competition. Once seeing any obstacle, hurry to guide him to dodge over to gain points. Try to stay in this game as long as possible to set a new record.

Can you accomplish this game’s challenge? Visit Mine Runner 1 to see whether you’re good at running or not. Good luck!

How to play

Press WASD to move left and right, attack, and duck.
Hit Spacebar to jump.


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