Mine Trap

Mine Trap

Don’t skip Mine Trap, as the game carries a stimulating story and interesting content, no matter what. Crush down your hesitancy to partake in the gameplay for fun and exploration now, dear all players!

That is a miner! He’s just discovered a weird mine close to his house. Due to his irresistible curiosity, he decides to make an expedition to the mine without a doubt. You should travel with him to lend him a hand, guys! Guiding him to wander along platforms and seeing everything is the first task. Next snatch all of the gold keys scattered anywhere before entering the lift. But the lift is just opened after these keys have already been accumulated. Watch out for lava holes, poisonous bats, and other monsters, since they all harm him. Always keep him away from them, remember!

Have a full preparation for the upcoming challenge? So, play Mine Trap right away!

How to play

Use the Arrow/ASDW keys to walk.
Use the Spacebar to jump over.


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