Minecart Clicker

Minecart Clicker

Did you know that Minecart Clicker is based on Minecraft style? That’s why the game is expected to capture much attention from its crazy and non-crazy fans! The combo of Minecraft and Idle games is not a new notion, but it still brings you great and terrific moments! Let’s go!

See the minecart at the center? Please acquire more minecarts by launching your non-stop clicks on it. That’s also the chief task you must fulfill. Once a certain number of minecarts is collected, it’s time to consider purchasing essential upgrades in the Shop (e.g. Iron, Coal, Gold, Diamond & Crown). Of course, this automatically speeds up the process of gaining minecarts and increases how many minecarts you might receive per click. To conquer the game, nothing is better than making deals on the crown that has the cost of 100,000.

Oh, don’t think too much! Just experience Minecart Clicker on your own! Have nice times!

How to play

Click anything by only the left mouse.


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