Minecraft 2D

Minecraft 2DIt’s time to check your designing and creating skill, guys! Be quick to enter Minecraft 2D immediately and discover cool things there!

The primary request of this game is to help a tiny creature construct his shelter in the wonderful Minecraft land. How cool it is! When entering the playing screen, the players are offered different kinds of materials, such as wood, brick, glass, stone, and more. Before constructing, you need a specific plan with clear details and explanation. Then, carefully pick some suitable items and place them on the ground. Don’t forget to mine unnecessary blocks to have enough space for your structure. Players can totally build their favored buildings, such as garden, farm, high-rise, tower, or castle. Sounds fascinating, right?

But, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you travel to Minecraft 2D instantly? Let your creativity fly high!

How to play

Press the arrow keys to walk around.
Tap spacebar to jump.
Use the mouse to remove and combine Z-M keys to place blocks.


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