Minecraft Block Ninja

Minecraft Block Ninja

Have ever enjoyed Fruit Ninja? Then, you are surely impressed by its innovation, called Minecraft Block Ninja! Just get assured that you are confident of demonstrating your breathtaking hits! Feel free to have an access to the playfield!

At first, it is easily realizing that a countless number of blocks, like watermelon, grass, etc. are bouncing from the bottom, right? Like its original version, the target here is to chop as many fruits blocks as possible with your given sharp weapons. While slicing, it is better to watch out for the TNT blocks because they may explode everything, causing the game to come to an end! Remember that you are only offered 3 lives to play the game, so always keep yourself focused and wary!

Yes, we are now waiting for your stunning performances! Minecraft Block Ninja is designed for those who work at office or have nothing to do! Much fun moment!

How to play

To cut, either your finger or the mouse is acceptable.


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