Minecraft Company Dream V1.0

Minecraft Company Dream V1.0

Join with us through Minecraft Company Dream V1.0, dear all fans! Available on our site, it is considered one of the top-played games to enjoy. Come on!

At that time, the major target here is to become an owner of the Music Disc Shop. To put it simply, you must spend the available fund on producing discs. After that, upgrade and develop the shop step by step so that it’ll become the most influential company in the Minecraft world. Framed by Idle-Click genre, the game just requires its players to tap on the discs non-stop to increase the amount of money. After gathering enough cash, you need to carry out other missions, like buying decorations, equipment, or upgrades for the company, recruiting employees, etc.

Minecraft Company Dream V1.0 can make your dream of becoming a leading boss come true! Have fun!

How to play

Only play the cool game with the mouse.


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