Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Let’s become a creeper’s fellow-traveler in Minecraft Creeper Diamond , all Minecraft guys! It’s certain that you will receive tons of terrific things from discovering a secret cave full of big diamonds. Don’t waste time anymore! There we come!

Before guiding the creeper, players should take notice of some available dangers in this cave, consisting of a lava river, arrow and ice blocks. Be cautious and skilful when jumping on these blocks to avoid from falling into the lava below. If unluckily making any mistake, the creeper will be forced to turn back to the starting point. To stop this risky case, the players should try their best to help him attain each important flag to create a vital checkpoint. Besides, don’t miss collecting diamond eggs on the road to increase the budget.

Are you ready to possess all of the diamonds in Minecraft Creeper Diamond ? There is no time to wait. Let’s act!

How to play

The left & right arrow keys are to guide the creeper.
Spacebar is to jump.


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