Minecraft Endless Runner

Minecraft Endless Runner

During Minecraft Endless Runner , players will have an opportunity to witness a hilarious trip of a white duck – one of the cutest characters in Minecraft game. Enter the playing field right away!

In fact, on the journey to discovering the Minecraft world alone, the duck soon realizes that hordes of monsters are chasing him. Oh no, it is terrible! You must assist him now; otherwise, he’ll be in danger! The key objective here is to help the white duck jump on every creeper’s head whenever they approach him. Well, the further he runs, the higher scores you will gain. Just be skillful, clever, and sharp-eyed to let his trip become ideal while the speed is gradually increasing. Don’t forget to avoid any wandering ghost, okay?

Activate Minecraft Endless Runner and become the duck’s controller instantly, guys! The game is also a good chance to sharpen your running skill!

How to play

To activate the game, just use the W key.


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