Minecraft In War

Minecraft In WarWhat are you waiting for from a very cool Minecraft action game – Minecraft In War ? Face up to a troop of hostile zombies and pull your socks up to protect Steve’s house, reckon that you have enough ability to do? Come here for the final answer!

First of all, please take a look at a big maze on the main screen and then determine where the zombies are and Steve’s house is. After that, let’s guide Steve to move around the maze and use available axes to attack the zombies whenever seeing them. Try to aim accurately and throw quickly in order to overwhelm all of them in the soonest time. Keep in mind do not let anyone go through Steve’s body or approach his house; otherwise, 1 life among the 3 lives will be deducted.

So, be extremely serious and careful to annihilate all the zombies and survive until the end! Hope you get a big victory in Minecraft In War ! Good luck!

How to play

Tap arrow keys to control Steve.
Tap A to throw the axes.


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