Minecraft Mob Arena

Minecraft Mob ArenaAs you know, one of the best defenders of the Minecraft world is Steve because he never lets any monster conquer this land or slay inhabitants here. Today, when visiting a small city, he is very angry to know that zombies are making preparations for a fearful attack on that place. Come on! Let’s go with him in the journey to detect their hide-out and slaughter them before their preparations are completed, players! Enter Minecraft Mob Arena to do that! In this game, when each of the zombies is stepping out of their hide-out, be swift-handed to beat them up by strong and constant clicks. Later, collect XP from their death to buy armor and equipment for the next fights. Bear in mind that the enemies will be more and more intelligent and powerful. Good luck!

How to play

ASDW keys are to move.
The left mouse is to hit the zombies.


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