Minecraft Scene Creator 2

Minecraft Scene Creator 2

If you’re now fond of designing a cool action scene for Minecraft games, then Minecraft Scene Creator 2 is always perfect, guys! Have ever tried it yet? Come here!

At that time, your main mission will be to create any animated picture you like best. How? When looking at the bottom, players will see a lot of stuff served to fulfill this tough task. For instance, you can design an action scene between Steve and many types of dangerous creatures. Firstly, opt for Steve, and then drag him to the prime background. Next, continue choosing other foes (zombies, creepers, and skeletons). Think carefully and put them orderly & suitably. Remember to add different kinds of effects and other things for decorating and making your picture lively.

Land on Minecraft Scene Creator 2 right now! Let’s create your story!

How to play

The mouse is applied to doing everything in the game.


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